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"She does the booking, I do the cooking!"


Say hello to the owners of The Funnel Cake Guys: siblings Tyrelle Lattimore and Tameka Jones! Tyrelle is a recent 2020 graduate from Morehouse College and Tameka is a 2003 Norfolk State graduate. The Funnel Cake Guys was created in September 2014 after Tyrelle was accepted into Morehouse and moved to Atlanta, where his sister Tameka had lived since 2005 when she moved to pursue a career in the medical field. Back in their hometown of Washington DC, Tyrelle started a funnel cake business alongside their mother Iris Lattimore, owner of Lattimore’s Funnel Cakes. With Tyrelle’s knowledge of the industry and Tameka’s passionate entrepreneurial spirit, Iris suggested that they start their own business in Atlanta with Tameka doing the booking and Tyrelle doing the Cooking.


The Funnel Cake Guys pride themselves in creating gourmet monstrosities designed to obliterate your standard funnel cake and enrich your imagination just as smoothly as your tastebuds. Specialities ranging from peach cobbler funnel cakes to funnel cake ice cream cones, with endless stops popping up in between. 


Deep-fried Oreos and Girl Scout Cookies offer support that verges on scene-stealing, while the lemonade provides the balancing refreshment your tongue craves. The Funnel Cake Guys is Atlanta's one-stop-shop for decadent dessert, no matter where that stop pops up. Catch our truck roaming the streets and book us for your next event!

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